Security During Manimahesh Yatra

The State Government usually makes various safety and security arrangements for tourists and devotees thronging the place during the Holy Yatra.

The State Government always makes some mandatory safety and security arrangements for all devotees including compulsory registration for those who are taking part in the pilgrimage visit to Shri Manimahesh Kailash Yatra. The registration can be done at Kalsuine (15 km from Chamba enroute to Bharmour) or Hadsar (14 km from Bharmour enroute to Manimahesh) and the passenger traveling by Helicopter should enroll at Bharmour. All pilgrims will receive a registration slip which should be submitted at above said stations before and after the yatra.

Security during Manimahesh YatraThe State Government deploys several reserve battalions of police and home guard for the safety and security of devotees besides tackling the Natural Disasters during the holy pilgrimage. About 700 cops of police and home guard ensures safety, maintains smooth traffic flow and at the same time will act as guide to facilitate tourists during the Yatra.

The police deployed at the various points of the yatra Notably, maintaining law and order, smooth flow of traffic and ensuring safety and security of lakhs of tourists visiting the area to have a dip in the holy lake during Manimahesh Yatra is no less than a challenge for state police. Apart from that they have also to remain alert for rescue work in case of any natural disaster.

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