Quick Facts

Fast Facts about Manimahesh

  1. Manimahesh is 202 KM from Pathankot (End Destination of Punjab)
  2. Manimahesh is in Himachal Pradesh, a State of India.
  3. Mahimahesh is in Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh.
  4. In winter, the temperature gets quite low and heavy woolens are required.
  5. In summer, the climate is mild light woolens/cottons are recommended.
  6. Manimahesh is situated at an altitude of 5,656m in the western corner of Himachal Pradesh.
  7. Whole year is best to Visit for Trekkers. But for pilgrims Yatra starts from Janamashtmi and end at Radhaashtmi every year.
  8. Time required is minimum 4 Days.

Note :- The Manimahesh Kailash yatra is believed to be incomplete without paying a visit to the Bharmani Devi temple. It is necessary to take a dip in the holy pool there before starting manimahesh yatra else their yatra is deemed to be incomplete.

Where to Stay

  1. At Chamba: Hotel Iravati (Ph. 01899-222671) & Champak (Ph. 222774) of Himachal Tourism and other Private hotels & Guest Houses.
  2. At Bharmaur : Rest House & Guest houses.


  1. Chamba120 km from Pathankot, 170 km from Kangra, 390 km from Shimla, 402 km from Manali, 600 km from New Delhi.
  2. Chamba to Manimahesh is 100 km.

Nearest Railway Station


Nearest Airport

Gaggal (Kangra)

What to Carry Along

Sleeping bags, warm cloths, eatables, bright colour umbrella, bright coloured tent (If night halt at Manimahesh), avoid polythene bags, as these are totally banned in H.P.

During Yatra Season, Sleepings Bags, eatables and Tents are not needed to carry. Self Help Organizations (Sewaks) provide you such facilities.

Enroute Yatra

Langars & Potable water is available.


  • Deputy Commissioner Office, Chamba : 01899-224847
  • Assistant Deputy Commissioner, Chamba : 01899-222540
  • Additional District Magistrate, Bharmour : 01895-225035
  • Sub Divisional Magistrate, Bharmour : 01895-225027
  • Tehsildar, Bharmour : 01895-225055
  • Mountaineering Sub Centre, Bharmour : 01895-225036
  • Hospital, Chamba : 01899-222392
  • BMO,Bharmour : 01895-225044
  • Police Assistance, Chamba : 01899-222242,222380
  • SHO, Bharmour : 01895-225026
  • Tourist Information Centres, Chamba : 01899-224002
  • Tourist Information Centres, Dalhousie : 01899-242225
  • Emergency Number : 108
  • District Control Room (Disaster Management) : 1077

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