Manimahesh Route Plan

Hadsar is the base village from where the trek to ManiMahesh lake starts. The rest of the path is to be covered on foot, about 14 km of steep tiring climb by the banks of Manimahesh Ganga, which originates from the Manimahesh Kailash Peak.

Manimahesh Route Map

After reaching to Hadsar village, its better to start your journey a fresh next morning. The first stoppage Dhanchoo, is 6 km away, which usually takes 5-6 hours. You can stay in Dhanchoo or can go same day to ManiMahesh. Before ManiMahesh lake which is also known as Shiv Kund, there is Gauri Kund located 1.5 km before Shiv Kund.

The belief is that Lord Shiva used to take bath in Shiv Kund and goddess Gauri used to take bath in Gauri Kund. Only Women take a dip in Gauri kund and Only men are allowed to take dip in Shiv Kund.

During the annual pilgrimage in August-September, numerous night-shelters and eateries (Langar or Food) are present along the trekking route. Night-shelter is also available at village Dhanchoo, about 6 km from Hadsar on the way to Manimahesh, round the year.

As Manimahesh yatra is a state festival, accomodations are easily available. There are several Sewa Camps hosted by Sewaks from Punjab (specially from Pathankot, Patiala, Amritsar, Muktsar) and from all over India. These Sewaks provide you with tented accommodations and free langar (food). These tented accommodations are provided both at Gauri Kund and Manimahesh lake (Shiv Kund).

Sleeping bags, tents and quilts are provided for a very cheap price. It feels so pure and blessed that everything is provided for free by these Sewaks who are doing this sewa in the name of Lord Shiva, to get the blessing of Almighty God.

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