Manimahesh – A Trekkers Paradise

Manimahesh is not only famous for the religious aspect. The natural beauty of the lake is breathtaking. Beautiful surrounding mountains, clear reflection of lake and wafting clouds give you an impression of heaven on earth.

Water of the lake is so cold that only the strong hearted can take a dip in the water.

Manimhesh - A Trekker's ParadiseWalking to the way of the Manimahesh Lake is a wonderful experience. One will forget the pains of the tiresome journey watching the wonderful natural scenery and get drenched in the enchanting ambience.

This wonderful route not only excites the pilgrims but also, the adventure lovers and tourists. However, one should be physically fit to endure this journey in an altitude of 4080 meters. The whole trip is soul stirring. It’s commonly called as Trekker’s Paradise.

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