Important about Manimahesh / Why Manimahesh

Mani View at Manimahesh The place attributes its name Mani Mahesh to the mythological belief that there is Mani (a Jewel) on Lord Shiva’s Crown & locals believe that the moon rays reflected from the Mani can be seen from Mahimahesh lake on nights of clear full phase of the moon. Moreover, the light reflected from the glacier that adorns the peak really looks like a shiny jewel on the head of the mountain.

So, the name Manimahesh stands for a jewel, Mani on Lord Shiva’s (The Mahesh’s) i.e. crown. People living in local areas say that one can see the moon-rays reflected from jewel from Mahimahesh Lake on the clear full-moon nights. It is a rare occasion.

Mostly this Shiny jewel on the head of mountain is very rare to see, According to local people believe that it can only be seen in Brahma Muhurta (time of Brahma) which is 1Hr 36 Mins before sunrise, with the Lord wishes. Bad weather covering the mountain peak with clouds is considered as displeasure of the Lord. So anyone interested to see this shiny jewel, has to spent whole night at either Shiv  or Gauri Kund.

It is more likely that the light reflected from the glacier actually beautifies the peak. It seems just like a serpent on the neck of Shiva.

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