Hadsar is a picturesque spot from where the trek of 14 km to Manimahesh Lake commences. Hadsar is situated 82 Km from the town of Chamba . Hadsar is the endpoint of the road.

The place is flooded by tourist during Manimahesh Yatra.

Hadsar is a village where road from Chamba ends and two on foot treks to Manimahesh Lake and Kugati Pass begins. It is also situated on the confluence of Budhil river and a stream flowing from Manimahesh lake and is last village on road almost 17 kms from Bharmour.

There is temple and some shrines for the stay of pilgrims and also few shops. There are also few houses of tribal Gaddi people But it is very important place to climb towards highest peaks of Chamba Kailalsh or Kugti Pass or for treking in these remote high inner ranges and lake of Manimahesh. Pilgrims stay here for a night before starting climbing to 14KM on foot ascent to Manimahesh Lake where like Amarnath yatra a 15 days long Manimahesh Yatra is organised from Janamashtmi to Radhashtmi and final holy bath into lake is happened on Radhashtmi.

There are now human houses beyond Hadsar upto Manimahesh lake only tents are estblished for the stay of pilgrims temporarily during Yatra an also many free food tea lungars are made to help pilgrims while only few villages are found in Kugti area which is exactly opposite of Manimahesh Lake So Hadsar also important for resident of Kugti being last road head for them and also for treking people too it is also last station to rest and get some important eatable before starting difficult mountanious treking.

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