Shakti Devi Temple - ChhatrariChhatrari is a prominent village situated on a mountain spur at a height of about 1793 meters on the left bank of river Ravi, 5 KM up hill from Luna bridge on the way to Chamba-Bharmaur road. It is 45 KM from Chamba. Visit to Shakti Devi Temple at this place and picnicking afterwards is rewarding. There is a unique wooden structure temple, which houses a very beautiful image of Shakti Devi crafted by Gugga during the regime of Meru Verman, whose both hands were chopped off. The temple of Chhatrari is regarded as one of the holiest ones competing with well known temples of “Lakshna Devi” at Bharmour and of “Bhawani” at Kangra.

Shakti Devi Temple - Chhatrari - Bharmour - ChambaThe Shakti Devi temple in Bharmour is of great archaeological importance. This place is 40 KM away from Bharmour and 45 KM from Chamba via road. The temple can be approached by bus from the Chamba Bus Station. Situated at a height of 6,000 feet, it’s famous for its remarkable hill-style temple of Shakti Devi. The outer walls of the sanctum are covered with frescoes which are of recent origin and represent scenes from Purans. The village is inhabited mostly by the Gaddis who are semi-postral lot, engaged in rearing of sheep and goats.

Near the Shakti Devi Temple is the temple of Gauri Shankar. The work can be attributed to the 10th century AD which indicates a long period of sculptural activity in the region.

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