Chaurasi Temple Bharmour

Chaurasi Temple complex is located in the center of Bharmour town and it holds immense religious importance because of temples built around 1400 years ago. Bharmour is located at a distance of 59.4 Km from main Chamba, at a height of 7000 ft. in the Bodhi valley. Life of people in Bharmour centres around the temple complex – Chaurasi, named so because of 84 shrines built in the periphery of Chaurasi Temple. Chaurasi is hindi word for number eighty four. The beautiful shikhara style temple of Manimahesh occupies the center of the complex. It is believed that when 84 Siddhas, who had come from kurukshetra, were passing through Bharmour to visit Manimahesh, they fell in love with the calmness of Bharmour and reconciled to meditate here. Chaurasi Temple Complex was built approximately in 7th century, although repairs of many temples have been carried out in later period.

Chaurasi Temple Bharmour - Manimahesh Yatra

There is another legend associated with Chaurasi temple complex. It is believed that shortly after Sahil Varman’s accession of Brahampura (ancient name of Bharmour), 84 yogis visited this place. They were greatly pleased with the King’s hospitality. As King had no heir, Yogis promised him ten sons. They were requested by the King to stay back in Brahampura till the prediction of Yogis was fulfilled. In due course of time the king was blessed with ten sons and a daughter. Daughter was named Champavati and because of liking of Champavati new capital Chamba was established. It is believed that Chaurasi temple complex in Bharmour was built to honour these 84 Yogis and named Chaurasi after them. There are 84 big and small temples in Chaurasi temple complex. Chaurasi is a spacious level ground in center of Bharmour where the galaxy of temples mostly in the form of Shivlingas exists. The Chaurasi Temple Complex offers a delightful, clean and a scenic view.

The place is also famous among the devotees of Lord Shiva being the only temple of Dharam Raja in the world. This is the only place where every souls are interrogated after death also famous with the name of Dharamraj Temple of Bharmour. Besides this other important temple are Manimahesh Temple, Lakshana Devi Temple, Ganesha Temple, Narsingha Temple and Nandi Bull Temple.

Significance of Chaurasi Temple Bharmour

The Chaurasi temple is a house for 84 temples and Dharmeshvar Mahadev (Dharamraj) temple is one of them. This temple, also known as dhai paudi, is located at the northern corner of the temple which is made up of stone and wood and the roof is made up of slate. According to the Legend, it is said that after death every soul has to make a visit here for the final hearing of the deeds done in their life. After looking through the records of one’s life which is kept in a chronicle by Chitragupt, Dharamraj decides if the soul will go to heaven or hell.

This is the only temple of Dharamraj and it is said that there are eleven Yamraj in the world and on the top of them, Dharamraj is seated. It is said that while doing the Manimahesh yatra one has to make a visit to Bharmani Mata temple and then Chaurasi temple to make the visit complete. People believe a lot in these folktales which makes the Dharamraj temple an important one in Chamba. Each year many tourists make a visit here to see the final place where souls are interrogated for their deeds in life.

The Chaurasi Temple Complex offers a enjoyable, clean and a lovely view.  Major Temples at Chaurasi Temple complex are:

  1. Manimahesh Temple of Lord Shiva
  2. Lord Ganesha Temple
  3. Mata Lakshana devi (Lakhna devi) Temple
  4. Mata Chamunda Temple
  5. Trameshwar Mahadev Temple
  6. Dharameshwar Mahadev Temple –  Only Temple in world belonging to Lord Dharamraj
  7. Jai Krishna Giriji Temple
  8. Lord Hanuman Temple
  9. Nandi Temple
  10. Swami Kartik Temple
  11. Shitla Mata Temple
  12. Nar Singh Temple
  13. Surya linga Mahadev Temple
  14. Ardh Ganga or Ardh Gaya Temple – Holy Pond here is used for holy bath at the time of JanamAshtmi
  15. Trameshwar Mahadev Temple
  16. Moniling Mahadev Temple
  17. GyarahRudra Mahadev Temple

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